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Polynesian Tattoos, often colloquially called Maori Tattoos, are very complex designs. They have their origins in the culture and tradition of the Polynesian islanders. This tattoo style has always been very popular.

It is important that the tattoos are done professionally and also that you are well informed about possibilities, symbols, motifs and placement on the body. Together we can discuss the meaning of your tattoo and find the ideal motif for you. We are looking forward to hearing your story!


An experienced Polynesian Tattoo artist is important, as each symbolism and motif has a profound and unique meaning. Unlike other tattoo styles, the meaning of a Polynesian Tattoo cannot be seen immediately.

Each tattoo is based on your personal story

Polynesia is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean (and part of Oceania) between the continents of Australia and South America. The most famous islands include Hawaii, Samoa, Marquesa and New Zealand. The most common Polynesian motifs have Hawaiian, Samoan, New Zealand or Marquesan origins and the meaningful tattoos have a long tradition among island peoples such as the Maori.


Polynesian Tattoos are more than just paintings. Originating from Polynesian tribal culture, tattoos have their own symbolism and each motif has a unique meaning.


Each Polynesian Tattoo is individually created based on your own life story. And that is exactly what makes this tattoo style so special. They are often complex motifs with many details that are carefully used regarding the individual body shape and musculature.




Polynesian Tattoos: symbols and their meaning


If you would like to get a Polynesian Tattoo, you should consult a Polynesian Tattoo specialist beforehand. Each Polynesian symbol has its own meaning and different symbols can be combined to create a personal and unique meaning.

Well-known Polynesian Tattoo motifs briefly explained:


  • Spearheads stand for courage, power, strength. They are said to protect from disease, starvation and injury.


  • The turtle symbolizes solidarity, patience and wisdom. Symbolizes and mediates between life and death, because she can live in water and on earth.


  • The Enata represents life experience, family, friends and marriage. It protects from being separated or divided.


  • The Marquesan Cross represents the balance between the elements. It stands for harmony and the relationship to the ancestors.


  • The gecko brings luck and protects against diseases and evil spirits.


Safety and Hygiene for Polynesian Tattoos


In addition to artistic uniqueness and the best quality, we have the highest demands on our work processes in terms of hygiene. In our studio we only use high-quality materials and tested tattoo colors from recognized manufacturers. Every item used, such as needles, disinfectants, etc., is documented using an “ink notary” and thus checked for conformity. In this way we can guarantee the best possible security.


We require a person receiving a tattoo to be at least 16 years old. The presence of a legal guardian is mandatory for minors. However, we reserve the right to decide which tattoos may still be too early. 


Are you interested in a tattoo or do you already have an idea in your mind? Tell us about it. We are looking forward to talking to you!



How to make Polynesian Tattoos last longer

  • After getting the tattoo, you should give the skin enough time to heal.


  • The care should be carried out according to the recommendation of your tattoo artist. This can take up to a few weeks. You can find further instructions here.


  • Skin is far more sensitive to UV rays than non-tattooed skin, even after it has healed. It is important to protect the tattoo. We recommend adequate sun protection.


  • If a touch-up is necessary after healing, the offer should be accepted. This is the only way to achieve the desired quality and maintain it.
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