Which tattoo motif suits you best?

Your tattoo! How do you find the right tattoo motif?

Choosing the right tattoo design is not always easy. The styles and meanings of tattoos are as varied as the people who wear them. We have put together some tips to help you find your perfect design!

What kind of tattoo suits you?

When you are looking for your tattoo design, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different tattoo styles. What style do you like best? Do you want a realistic design or an abstract tattoo? A large design or something small and delicate? Do you want a color tattoo or do you prefer black and white?

There is an incredible number of different styles, such as New School, Realistic, Lettering or Maori. It’s best to ask your tattoo artist about the pros and cons of each – this can help you figure out which style suits your project best.

It is also important to think about the meaning of the tattoo you want. What do you want the tattoo to mean to you? Do you want to express something personal or are you just looking for a beautiful piece of art? Do you want it to be small and elegant or wild and big?

Two other important considerations when choosing the right design are the size and placement of the tattoo. Which part of your body would you like to get tattooed?

Many people choose a smaller design because it is less noticeable and easier to hide. Others prefer larger tattoos that attract more attention, and still others choose a medium design because it offers the perfect combination. Which size is best for you depends entirely on your personal taste. Our tattoo artists will be happy to advise you. You can book a free initial consultation with us here.

Your personal tattoo motif

A good way is to look for ideas on websites and apps such as Pinterest and Google Images, or on social media channels of artists, photographers or tattoo artists. There are countless places to find inspiration for a new tattoo. You’re sure to find it in no time. This will give you an overview of the different options and help you find out which designs you like best.

Choosing the right design depends largely on your personal preferences. Take your time to look around and be inspired by the many different designs. When you make an appointment at Blade & Shade, you can bring your ideas with you in the form of pictures on your smartphone or printed. This will help us to better understand your wishes and approach your tattoo in the right way.

Take your time to design your tattoo motif together with your tattoo artist – in the end you will get exactly the tattoo you have always dreamed of.

How do you find the right tattoo artist?

Once you have chosen your design, get it inked by an experienced tattoo artist who specializes in your preferred tattoo style. This way you can be sure that the tattoo will be done professionally and that the result will be exactly what you want.

When choosing a tattoo artist, it’s important to find someone whose work inspires you. Take a look at different artists and their portfolios. Our tattoo artists all have their own personal Instagram pages where you can get a good insight into their work.

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