Long waiting times in tattoo studios? It's different with us

No patience? Why do you have to wait so long for a tattoo appointment?

Tattoos are very popular nowadays and the waiting time for an appointment in a good tattoo studio or with renowned tattoo artists can be very long. It is not uncommon to wait several months.

In this article you’ll learn why you usually have to wait so long for a tattoo appointment and what you can do to prepare for it. Getting a tattoo may not be an easy decision, and it is important to take your time when planning.

How long do you have to wait for a tattoo appointment?

The wait time for a tattoo appointment can depend on several factors, including tattoo style, artist popularity, and demand. Some artists get so many requests that they have to plan several months in advance. If you are very flexible with the date and time, you may be able to shorten your wait time for a tattoo.

 One of the reasons for the long wait is that tattoos take a lot of time and tattoo artists want to please their customers and provide the best service possible. For this reason, only a limited number of appointments can be accepted so that each customer really gets the time they need to work carefully with their tattoo artist to get their tattoo done.

Another reason for the long wait is that some clients prefer special styles and large, complex designs. Sometimes this requires multiple sessions and appointments must be found at the right intervals.

In our tattoo studio we have 17 different tattoo artists who specialize in different tattoo styles. Depending on the style you are interested in, we can suggest different tattoo artists. Because we work with so many artists, our waiting time is usually not as long as in other studios. Simply book a free and no-obligation initial consultation with us and we will be happy to advise you on different tattoo styles and our tattoo artists.

How do I prepare for my tattoo?

Although long waits can be frustrating, you can use the time to create the design. Remember, your tattoo will last forever, so it’s worth thinking about every aspect!

If you do some research online, you will find a lot of inspiration. Some of the most popular sources include Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Images. Browse through galleries or play with different colors, sizes, and designs. You can also try different tools and programs to sketch your tattoo design. In this blog article we have described how to find your perfect tattoo design.

To make sure your tattoo looks exactly how you want it, it is important to discuss your design in detail with your tattoo artist. You may already have a clear idea of what you want or even have pictures to bring with you. This can help us understand what you want and how to approach your tattoo. 

We also recommend that you think about where on your body you want your tattoo to be. Size and placement can play a big role in durability. Of course, you can also discuss this in detail with your tattoo artist and get good advice on the best placement.

You can schedule a free initial consultation with us here.

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