Kati Berinkey is one of our Tattoo artists at Blade & Shade


Graphic, Neo Traditional & Blackwork Tattoos from Kati Berinkey


Kati Berinkey at Blade & Shade

Tattoo Artist

Specialty: Graphic, Neotraditional and Blackwork tattoos

Favorite motifs: Combinations of Graphic, Neotraditional and Blackwork motifs to create a complete work of art


Kati Berinkey is a wild free spirit, full of creative energy and inspiration. Her tattoos reflect her style, where Graphic elements meet Neo Traditional. She works around the globe and has already celebrated many successes at international conventions.


In her projects, she quickly gets to the heart of what customers want. Kati can also achieve a lot with little input. In addition, she invests a lot of time in her drawings and is literally bursting with ideas.


Kati loves art and she turns every day into a new challenge. She is always on the lookout for new solutions and combinations in order to maintain the fresh character of her work.


To get an impression of Kati’s work, take a look at her Instagram page. She creates excellent first-class effects and creates unique tattoos. Convince yourself of her talent!


Portfolio Kati Berinkey

Blackwork tattoos in combination with other tattoo styles

In addition to Graphic and Neo-Traditional Tattoos, Kati’s favorites also include Blackwork Tattoos. Creative transitions are easily possible and the different styles can be combined very well. Blackwork tattoos are often characterized by graphic compositions, simplified forms and large-scale designs. Blackwork elements are often incorporated into many other styles or used in modified form.


Neo Traditional is an evolution of the traditional tattoo style. These types of tattoos are characterized by lots of details, clear linework and rich colors. Heavy lines are often used for the outlines and finer lines for the details. The most common motifs are flowers, animals and portraits.


Would you also like to get a tattoo from Kati? Here you can book a free and non-binding appointment for a consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Kati Berinkey on Instagram

Questions Or Book An Appointment

You can reach us by phone at
041 260 00 52, send us an email at info@bladeandshade.ch or visit us in our tattoo studio in Lucerne.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you to book an appointment for piercing, so we can guarantee to take enough time for you.

We offer almost all popular tattoo styles, from Fineline and Lettering Tattoos, to Neotraditional, Polynesian Tattoos and Realistic Tattoos. However, our main focus is on Fineline, Graphic, Realistic, and Coverup Tattoos

So that we can properly approach your tattoo, we need a rough idea from you. If you can tell us where and how big you want to make your tattoo approximately and if you can show us an inspiration in the form of a picture, you make this even easier for us. You can easily bring pictures and templates on your smartphone or print them out. Before the appointment, you can also prepare your skin by applying a daily body lotion or moisturizer. This will help your skin to cope better with the tattoo and its healing. and its healing better.

This can not be answered in a general way, it depends on the effort – this depends on various points such as the size such as the size, placement, style of the tattoo, as well as the skin of the wearer. The basic price for a tattoo is CHF 220.00.

The size of the tattoo should always be in proportion to the placement. Would you like a small tattoo, we recommend you to place it in a place where it does not look lost and also it should be so large, that it has a good quality even when healed and aged. If you want to have a large tattoo, it is important, that the motif flows with the body and its with the body and its shapes and has enough space. Generally, the larger the motif, the better it keeps as a tattoo.

A tattoo is a decision that accompanies you for life. You should therefore be very sure what you tattoo yourself.

Basically, a tattoo does not need to be re-tattooed, if the healing was successful. Today’s color pigments are also much more stable than a few years ago. This means that aging of the tattoo happens more slowly today. However, it is very important that the skin is regularly cared for and protected from excessive sunlight, so that a tattoo remains beautiful in the long term.

A tattoo is usually perceived as unpleasant during the process, time and in some places it is a little more or less painful.

We sell our own aftercare ointment which can be purchased in the store. For a day appointment you get the cream for free. Basically, we recommend you to work with it, Alternatively, a Bepanthen ointment can be used.

From 2022 on, numerous pigments and preservatives are banned in the EU, Switzerland is not affected for the time being – nevertheless, we have been using colors for some time which will still be permissible, should the law be adopted in our country.

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